Why I’m No Longer Vegan

I left veganism 2 years ago and have never once regretted my decision. In this show I share my top concerns with eating a vegan diet and why I believe it to be detrimental to recovering from an eating disorder, amenorrhea, and/or a slow metabolism. 

Things I went over in this podcast;

*The fall of vegan influencers

*Listening to all the vegan podcasts, reading vegan books, researching vegan articles and doing all the “right things”

*Finding restriction through the vegan diet in a socially acceptable way

*Doing all the “right” things but experiencing awful health

*Fear of admitting I was wrong

*Too much fiber? I thought that was good for you??

*Bioavailability of nutrients found in food. Plant vs animal, is it the same?

*The main nutritional pitfalls of a vegan diet, should you be concerned that these vitamins are not readily available in plant foods?

*My main reasons as to why I chose to leave veganism

I hope that to all you vegan eaters out there that you listen with open ears. I know this is a touchy subject but I think it is of utmost importance that you learn as much as you can and understand all the risks before you embark on a dietary experiment like veganism.

If you feel your health is deteriorating on a vegan diet then reach out for 1:1 coaching. Together we can help you find balance and health. Apply here.





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