What I Eat In a Day Videos… My Thoughts

What I eat in a day videos are EVERYWHERE on the inter web. You can find these type of videos for various diets like; keto, vegan, high carb/low fat, low carb, high fat, raw vegan, whole 30, low cal, sugar free, gluten free… you name the diet and someone has made a “What I Eat in a Day” video about it.

I personally find this trend toxic and for the most part very unhelpful for someone trying to recover from disordered eating or an eating disorder. I have many reasons as to why, some of which I talked about in the video below and some which I did not mention.

*It perpetuates a fixation on food. You have an eating disorder or you are someone who has become obsessed with dieting or eating “clean” aka your life has already become ALL about food. I just don’t see how focusing MORE on food is going to help this situation. Especially because food comparison is a common side effect of energy debt that many people with eating disorders struggle with.

By watching what I eat in a day videos you are pretty much sitting down to 15 minutes of food comparison where you will most likely walk away with a feeling of guilt and shame for what you eat, a desire to eat less than the person you watched, OR an unhealthy view of what a healthy balanced diet is (because let’s be real here, how many videos do you see of people actually eating in a non-disordered way??)

*It focuses so much on food which is an important part of recovery indeed but in case you haven’t read my this post, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE FOOD! Food becomes this thing that represents a bigger issue going on and so while food and eating more of it becomes a huge part of the solution to getting better, it’s so important to address the other factors that contribute to disordered eating like trauma, perfectionism, depression, anxiety, OCD, personality traits and so much more.

*What I eat is completely relevant to ME and irrelevant to YOU. Why do we care so much about what other people are eating!!?? I feel as though this trend is not helping those who are trying to intuitively eat and find out what works for THEM. It’s another way for them to see what other people are doing and to try and copy that instead of asking their body what it wants.

I understand that it gives people food ideas and it can help people see what a normal day of eating can look like (if the person doing the video has a healthy relationship with food and isn’t promoting toxic diet culture BS) but I think there could be a better way to provide this information. I share all the time what I am eating on my Instagram as I want to show you how I eat bacon with my eggs, slather butter on top of my bread, dunk my brownies in milk (real milk), eat steak with a cream sauce all so that YOU can feel inspired to do what I did–> Release all diet dogma and food rules. It also is great to give you ideas on what to eat and so I am happy to do so.

All of this is presented in a less “lets compare and get super analytical about every single thing I ate today” type of way. Becuase that’s what can be so toxic. So I share my food with you, sure. But I don’t show you every bite of food I eat in one day because I don’t want to promote that type of comparison and obsession.

Also what I eat every single day is so unbelievably different so it really makes no sense for you to watch what I ate one day because compared to the next its 100% different. Some days I have toast with eggs, jam, milk, and fruit for breakfast and other days I have left over Indian food, fried pineapple with ham, salami and cottage cheese with sauerkraut, an egg burrito, or French toast. My lunches and dinners are very varied too and I eat out a lot at restaurants or other peoples homes.

Watch the video to hear more of my thoughts on this topic. As always there is a lot more to say but hopefully this will be a good start.





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