Tik Tok What I Eat In A Day Videos… I Can’t Believe What I Saw

I have said many times that I am very against this trend of What I Eat In a Day videos.

My reasons for this are;

-They often promote very disordered unhealthy ways of eating

-They are usually done by those people who have a disordered/restrictive relationship with food

-They are usually body focused. ie you see a ton of body checking in them

-It’s a complete waste of time as there are a million other things someone could do with their precious moments here on earth

-It promotes comparison

– It makes you think that if you eat like them you will then look like them which is utterly ridiculous as we are all different and no 2 people who eat the same thing will look the same way. And stop trying to look like someone else and instead love and embrace the body size and shape you naturally have.

-It’s a replacement for eating for many. Food porn that for a moment satiates their desire to eat.

There are a ton of other reasons but the above is a good start. Despite my disdain for What I Eat In a Day videos though I decided to download Tik Tok and watch a bunch of them…. oh boy. This video shares my raw candid thoughts.

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