The Cultural Bias that “Skinny” is Healthy

This idea that skinny is healthy has been around for quite some time and so I think it’s important that we chat a little bit about this and burst some myths out there. 

When we open up instagram and see fitness influencers in their tiny GymShark outfits showing off their abs and  it’s easy to fall prey to the belief that they are healthy. I mean come on, whats *not* healthy about 6 pack abs?  Well, for many women a lot of things go wrong when they achieve things like a low body fat percentage and 6 pack abs.

What I want you to know is that many of these “healthy” bodies online, are not metabolically healthy and in fact they are in WORSE health than your average joe walking down the street. 

See what many of these athletic, fit, skinny, bodies are hiding are imbalances like;

*estrogen dominance/ low progesterone



*adrenal insufficiency

*insulin resistance

*whacky blood sugar levels

*hair loss

*low body temp

*sleep issues


*GI disturbances– IBS, Chrohns, Sibo



*Low sex drive


*High cortisol levels

*Crippling food fears


*heart conditions

*weakened immune system

The sad thing is that it’s usually not just one of these things but for many ALL of these things start to occur. For women who are unnaturally getting themselves to be at a lower body weight they can become malnourished and there’s no way the body can work well without having enough food.

**Please note I am not saying that EVERY woman out there with 6-pack abs is unhealthy rather that MANY women who are trying to obtain this thin ideal are indeed doing so by unhealthy means and screwing up their metabolism. 

They may “look good” for a year or two but eventually that stuff is going to catch up to them and their health will suffer. 

As women, we need a higher body fat percentage than men. Even if you don’t want kids, biologically speaking your body is designed to have babies. It functions optimally when your hormones are balanced and a low body weight or body fat percentage can be the #1 thing to signal an alarm in that body that something is wrong. 

There are two types of fat, one of them being essential fat. Men can do okay with as low as 3% body fat but women on the other hand need 12%. Essential fat is important for protecting your vital organs, storing vitamins, insulation, and building key cell messengers like steroids that are needed for your cells to communicate efficiently.

Studies indicate that the body’s fat content must account for 17% of the body’s weight before menarche can occur and that, at age 18 years, the fat content must be at least 22% for the maintenance of regular menstrual cycles. Apparently, hypothalamic sensitivity to estrogens is decreased when the critical ratio of lean mass to body fat is reached, and changes in the hypothalamic and pituitary hormones promote pubertal progression and the establishment of reproductive functions. “

So can we PLEASE stop idolizing these thin bodies both for ourselves so that we can let ourselves be at the healthy weight but for those other girls out there who are destroying themselves  in strife for the “perfect body”.

Beauty is not achieved by a pant size. I know so many women who are not even close to the sizes we see on the magazine covers and yet they are GORGEOUS, CONFIDENT, SEXY, and HAPPY. Beauty is an inside job. 

Being internally healthy is super important and will impact your overall wellbeing. Who cares if you have a thin body is you are losing your hair, can’t go out to restaurants, afraid of going further from a mile away from a gym, have no sex drive, anxious all the time, and infertile. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. 

I think its time that we focus on REAL health by continually accessing your metabolic markers which include things like

*Having a monthly menstrual cycle

*High sex drive

*good deep undisturbed sleep

*strong digestion

*Healthy temps and pulses

*Stable mood and grounding energy

*Good energy all day

*mental clarity

If those things are off its time to course correct and figure out what truly matters to us. 

If you haven’t watched it yet I highly recommend watching my video on the “Benefits of Weight Gain”. Yes my friend, there are indeed MANY benefits of gaining weight. 

Ta-ta for now




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