Stuck in Quasi Recovery? The Worst…

I don’t like the term quasi recovery because I don’t understand why we have slapped the term recovery on there. Doing so is pretty much just begging for people to stop here cause, it’s an okay place to be right!? I mean it’s RECOVERYYYYY!!!!

No, no it is not. I just want to be very clear with that because while quasi recovery is a way better place than being deep into your eating disorder it is still you in your eating disorder and not an okay place to be. 

Let’s dive into what quasi recovery is before we discuss why you don’t want to stop there

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Some of the qualities of quasi recovery are;

*Decreased amount of exercise compared to the depths of your disorder

*Eating more food compared to the depths of your disorder

*Improvement of symptoms— better sleep, higher energy, improved concentration, faster digestion, healthier weight. 

*’Less’ anxiety towards food compared to the depths of your eating disorder.

In lots of ways, quasi recovery is notably better than the depths of your eating disorder! Congrats on doing the work to get yourself here! But don’t stop because while you have LESS anxiety around food, that anxiety is still there. And while you have BETTER physical symptoms you still have a lot of physical healing to do. And while your brain has freed up some space, a lot of that space is still taken up by food fears, negative body image, mental hunger, and obsessive thoughts about when your next workout will take place. 

If you are thinking, “This is as good as it can get” I want you to read this carefully-> NO NO NO NO this isn’t the best place and you CAN get to a way better place with food and body!

It was really sad to me when someone told me the other day that she believes she will always have the ed voice screaming at her. She no longer acts upon that voice but it’s there and she has made peace with that. I think that’s sad because you don’t have to have that ed voice inside you and you 100% can get to a place where your eating disorder isn’t a part of your life. She still hears that voice because she hasn’t gone all the way and isn’t fully recovered. But many people like her THINK they are recovered and that this recovered state is a place where the ed voice is still loud but that is not a place of recovery. 

Quasi recovery is a nicer prison cell, but don’t be fooled it’s still a prison cell. I want you to get to a place where you are FREE, out of this prison with a strong determination to never get yourself back into trouble again. 

What does FULL recovery look like? Why do you want to pack up your bags and leave the land of quasi recovery?

Full recovery looks like this:

*A monthly menstrual cycle

*GOod digestion (no more bloating and constipation)

*HIgh yet stable energy all day with the ability to wind down at night

*Quickly fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night (no peein’ a million times in full recovery)

*A healthy relationship with movement where it is not done as a form of punishment rather you do it when your body feels like it is a way to feel more alive and strong. 

*You can take rest days and enjoy the time off of exercising with no guilt or shame. 

*You can eat anything and everything someone puts in front of you without stressing about the quality or quantity of the food

*You feel confident in your body but that confidence is not dictated by your size. 

*You have wandering thoughts of politics, stock market exchanges, relationships, history, new art projects you want to do… basically you have thoughts other than food. 

*You have a strong identity of who you are outside of food and exercise

*Your decision is not ruled by what the ed voice says rather they are based on what you truly desire. 

If I think about it, ALL of the things I love about being recovered did not exist when I was in quasi-recovery. I am glad I got out of that place and would love to see you get outta there too! 

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