RED-S, Over-training, and Amenorrhea

I am a long time fan of Jill from @acaseofthejills. Her youtube videos are absolutely amazing and a wealth of information for you to understand why its so important to get your period back! While she is not an eating disorder specialist and does not speak directly to this population, she is a great voice of sound advice for you to discuss with your treatment team if you are someone suffering from an eating disorder.

Educate, educate educate! It is so important for you to educate yourself on WHY your period is gone and the potential negative complications. This is why I love Jill because she is always discussing the importance of you understanding your body and mind better.

Some of the topics we discussed in todays session are;

*Releasing the athletic identity

*Do you have to stop ALL forms of exercise?

*Not getting a period is a symptom of a problem and the first step down a cascade of other events that will continue to take place as time goes on.

*The difference between the Female Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. Why is RED-S important to understand.

*Over-training syndrome is more than simply ‘over-doing it’ with exercise

*Jills rule of thumb for getting your period back

*You can’t try to improve your fitness and recover

*Finding the value, joy, and purpose in our own lives outside of exercising

Don’t forget to go watch Jill on her Youtube channel! Like her videos, subscribe, and support her show because more women need to hear the information she is putting out there!





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