Q + A // My Thoughts on Things You’ve Asked Me

So many of you guys ask me questions over on my Instagram so I figured I would pick the top 10 questions I get and answer them here!

#1 Would you ever go vegan again?

Short answer, no. Medium answer, no. Long answer, no.

After 5 years of completely eliminating all animal products from my diet and seriously depleting my health I can tell you that I absolutely 100 percently understand how important animal products are to my health.

I also know that for me being fully recovered has been all about food freedom, something that I could not experience when I was making sure that anything anyone ever made for me didn’t have dairy, meat, eggs, or seafood.

#2 Do you plan out your meals or track them?

I absolutely love walking in my kitchen and simply making what ever I feel like. I do not like to plan out my meals because I like to intuitively eat. To be honest I eat a lot at friends houses, out at restaurants, and with my family that I could plan my meals out but then would end up not making them cause 90% of the time I eat dinner with other people or outside of my house.

As far as tracking, I don’t even know what I would track haha. This is the mindset of someone with food freedom. Again I just eat and don’t stress over it. I have no food rules and so my diet tends to end up being pretty balanced with everything which is what I believe to be what has made me truly healthy.

Last thought here: I see food as nourishment, not as a number 🙂

#3 What eating disorders did you struggle with in the past? And are you fully recovered?

I first developed anorexia, then orthorexia and exercise addiction. I would say that I had all three going for me for the most of my journey. Orthorexia for sure was a HUGE part of my journey but even during those orthorexic times I feel like it was very driven by that need to restrict and eat less.

I can’t even tell you how different my brain feels now. It’s like I got a new brain and body and do not feel any remnants of my past eating disorders. This took A LOT of work to get here but alas, 11 years later and I can officially and confidently say that I have fully recovered 🙂

#4 Do you have any foods you won’t eat?

I mean… I’m sure there is something out there that someone eats that I would find unappetizing… fried bugs seems a bit weird to me but heck I am French and have eaten my fair share of frog legs and escargot so… I probably would try anything haha.

But in regards to if I have any fear foods, no. I just don’t see food as being something to fear anymore. All foods have a place in my diet and I am willing to try anything.

Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t have food principles that I generally abide by or food preferences, I do but I am not attached to those things nor do I feel like I would “have to” abide by those principles. For example, I have a principle of eating high quality dairy products but I also eat TONS of dairy products that aren’t the “best” quality whether that be because I ate out or because something looked good at the store and I just don’t find it a big deal and get it anyways. But when I have the opportunity I love getting good quality products and eating those nutrient dense foods that I know overall make me feel great.

But your girl will NEVER turn down a chocolate croissant or a fried chicken boa sandwich:)

#5 How many calories do you eat a day?

Absolutely no freaking idea. I luckily never got into the whole calorie counting macro tracking thing. I hate numbers, they make my mind hurt.

What I do know is that I eat plenty of nutrient dense foods and always pick the real deal. Meaning I eat real cheesecake, not some vegan gluten free version. I eat drink while milk, slather butter on my bread, add bacon to my eggs, fried potatoes in lard, and treat myself to steak and bone marrow on a regular basis.

I eat till I feel full and never put any weird rules around how much I can or can not eat and at what times those meal times should be.

#6 How long did it take for you to get your period back?

I lost my period for 11 years. Through those 11 years I slowly worked on getting better but stayed stuck in quasi recovery for many years. Just keep that in mind because when I really went all in on my recovery I was starting at a place where both my mental and physical health was at a somewhat more stable place.

I was vegan for 5 years and left veganisim on August 18th. I started incorporating all foods into my diet and gained weight. This was a great step towards my recovery but I was still exercising at this time until the week of Thanksgiving where I canceled my gym membership. I continued to allow my body to heal and rest and come January 1st I got my first recovery period! I have a youtube video on it that you can watch here.

#7 What would you say is your #1 tip for recovery?

Don’t skimp out on eating nutrient dense food. If you are trying to still eat tons of vegetables and choose low fat products then you are not only going to elongate your recovery but you may recover your period without having recovered that fear of certain food and that lack of trust in your body to just eat food.

I also in general just think you will have a really hard time recovering your period and/or restoring your metabolism if you are not focusing on good quality nutrient dense foods and simple eating salads with rice cakes.

So eat meat, eat dairy, put butter on everything, crack an egg on that toast, and enjoy the benefits of good health 🙂

#8 Now that you have your period, do you use birth control?

I have tons of resources on birth control on my Instagram like this post here and even did a podcast with Loren, a prenatal nutritionist, which you can listen to here. Long story short, birth control has a lot of negative effects and I personally would not take it. If you are someone who has amenorrhea it’s important to note that the pill doesn’t get you your period back, it simply forces a withdraw bleed.

I use the fertility awareness method to track my ovulation to know when I am most fertile and practice other safe contraceptive methods.

#9 What are your thoughts on eating carbs?

What ever carb it is, it’s best consumed with lots of butter 🙂



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