Metabolism + Recovering From “Healthy” Diets

Kitty thought that what she was doing was healthy. She ate copious amounts of broccoli, steamed her veggies, went low fat, started doing tons of cardio, cut her calories… and yet her health started plummeting.

After working with a nutritionist Kitty learned about her metabolisim and how to support her health via eating pro-metabolic foods, switching from cardio to weight lifting, and putting aside the raw veggies and grasping the steak.

Kitty now helps women through her group program learn how to support their metabolism to achieve a healthy weight, more energy, good digestion and balanced hormones. She does not work with eating disorders but her experience will resonate with many of us who try to get healthy by doing the things we are told to do; eat less, move more.

She’s fun, witty, smart, and a wealth on information that she learned from her own journey.

We chatted about;

*Reducing veggies for better health

*Why sugar is not something to be feared yet used smarlty

*Eating clean during the week and binging the weekend

*Rebuilding your body after restriction and why weight gain is an important part of that healing journey

*Putting health before aesthetic goals

*Swapping almond milk for REAL milk

*Why you won’t achieve your ideal body on 1200 calories

*Being too lean can lead to a mired of health problems

*Competing goals; being lean + finding health

Enjoy the show





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