Metabolism // More than Weight

I used to think that metabolism was all about weight. If you have a fast metabolism you’re small, and a slow metabolism you’re big. Seems simple right?

Well, while metabolism does play a role to a certain extent in one’s body size it is so much more than that!

Metabolism is essentially how fast or efficient your body is at taking food and turning it into energy. The rate at which our cells can do this will affect how your whole body functions as your body is simply a conglomeration of CELLS! When your cells aren’t functioning optimally your hormones, digestion, immunity, and detoxification pathways are affected. 

A slow metabolism would therefore lead to a decline in health as one’s bodily systems would fall behind their workload. If you are suffering from an eating disorder, stuck in quasi recovery, or healing from chronic dieting and over-exercising you most likely are in a hypometabolic state— aka your metabolism is slow. 

Why would eating a low-calorie diet lead to a slow metabolism? Let’s think of it this way, imagine you have two fires. One fire you continually throw in new sticks, kindling, and logs on. You don’t let the fire die down so every 20 minutes you’re throwing more stuff in. This fire starts raging and growing bigger and hotter. 

Now the other fire you don’t add anything to. You might throw in a little kindling every couple of hours but that is not enough to sustain the fire and so it starts to die down. 

For clear communication and clarity, let’s go through this analogy. The fire is your metabolism and the kindling, logs, and sticks are food. If you consistently feed your body your metabolism will rise. If you fast, skip meals, and eat a low-calorie diet your metabolism will start to dwindle like the second fire.

How do you know if your metabolism is slow or fast? I created a great checklist for you to go over to help you determine where your metabolism is at. You can download that guide right here. 

Okay, so you have downloaded my PDF guide and you’re pretty darn certain that your metabolism is shot. Bummer I know, but hopefully, it is making sense of all of these seemingly random things you are experiencing. It’s not because you are broken rather because certain lifestyle behaviors have downregulated your metabolism!

Great so how do we heal our metabolism?

 Well, first off it’s important to understand that your metabolism is not doing so hot in the first place. Here are some of the main things;


*over exercising

*not getting enough sleep


*Doing everything diet culture says you should do 🙂

To heal your metabolism you are going go want to address all of these main factors by making sure you;

*Nourish your body with bioavailable nutrition

*Reduce stress and find time to relax and breathe throughout your day

*Prioritize sleep hygiene

*Enhance meal timing as that plays a huge role in regulating your blood sugar which intern affects your metabolic rate

Are you ready to heal your metabolism and begin to feel better!?

Apply for 1:1 coaching so that we can work together to create a great plan for you to stop the metabolic suppressing activities and lifestyle choices you have been doing and START implementing healthier ways to take care of your body 🙂

Side effects of coaching are; get your period back, deepen your sleep, grow thick hair, think about unicorns all day (aka stop obsessing about food all the time), build strength, improve digestion, rev up your metabolism and so much more!

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