Metabolism + Amenorrhea

Your metabolism is MORE than weight. In fact your metabolism dictates pretty much every system in your body; digestion, reproduction, immunity, mental cognition, etc. So when we talk about getting your period back we must talk about the metabolism and how to support it via food and proper exercise.

This is why I had Meg on todays show. Meg, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, works with women to help them restore their metabolic health in order to recover from hormone imbalances, restore periods and recover digestive dysfunction. She believes the body talks back in symptoms and through body literacy and a food first approach healing and feeling their best self can happen!

Topics discussed today are;

*Megs quest for health and how that lead to unhealthy dietary choices like cutting calories and exercising obsessively

*Her obsession with her aesthetic goals and how that drove her to extremes in her lifestyle

*How addressing her identity issues and thoughts of “I’m not good enough” allowed her to see food and her relationship with it in a different way

*The foods that support metabolic health

*How underrating and fasting is the #1 stressor to the body

*Excess iron and estrogen dominance

*The best source of Vitamin A and why Vitamin A relates to our sex hormones

*Is a plant-based diet a supportive diet during recovery? What would be the potential pitfalls of this type of diet

Meg is a wealth of information and I hope that you enjoy the show! Give her a follow  @meg_langston.





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