I’m Chlo

A Dynamic Eating Psychology Coach, Therapeutic Nutrition Counselor, and Eating Disorder Recovery Mentor who is revolutionizing the conversation around eating disorder recovery. I believe that understanding your body and how foods can support your metabolic health is empowering and an important step in nutritionally rehabilitating from years of restriction. Now don’t go thinking I am a stickler for “clean eating”. I’m a full believer in having NO food restrictions. 
More to be said on that!

Probably like you, I spent years deep in disordered thoughts around food and body. To be exact, I spent 11 years alternating between anorexia, orthorexia and exercise addiction. Whatever name you want to call it, it was a quest for balance, health + vitality that went wrong. I chased after any and every food trend, which led me down the rabbit whole of intermittent fasting, low carb dieting, and eventually a fruitarian diet… ya not a smart an idea. But I was so convinced that these things were healthy!!!?? Boy was I wrong. This was not the way to health. Maybe you are starting to realize that as well??

These crazy food trends - which have become normalized by social media + diet culture - only pushed me further down into energy debt and away from my intuition thereby worsening my health.

It took me many years to unlearn everything I “knew”
and discover what the word health really means.

Here’s what I found...

Health is much more than whats on your plate. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationships, job, sunlight, passions, sense of humour + ability to destress have an impact on wellbeing.  

Health is having balanced hormones and a high metabolism. When these things are off its important to course correct.  

Health is about listening to your body and finding out what works best for YOU. Use your symptoms as a guide to find balance. 

Health is not about low calorie diets void of nutrition. Nutrient dense foods, and enough of them, are vital for your body to thrive.

Health is not about religiously eating those nutrient dense foods rather having what I like to call “nutritional flexibility” so that you feel free around food. 

A.K.A : go + get that ice cream cone cause it sounds fun, brings up good memories, and nourishing to your soul :)

Everything that I do on my blog, podcast, youtube channel + instagram is fueled by the joy that recovery has brought me and my desire for everyone to experience what it feels like to be free.

Free from what?

Dogmatic dietary rules

Punishing exercise regimes

Bland, tasteless foods

That voice inside of you that says “I’m not good enough”

 I hope you learn TONS about your body and what it means for you to tap into your flow; the place where health + vitality lies. 

Why do I do what I do?

Here’s a peek into my life...

9 years old

14 years old

16 years old

19 years old

21 years old

23 years old

24 years old

25 years old

27 years old

Developed an autoimmune condition called vitiligo which resulted in white spots all over my skin.

Felt embarrassed and uncomfortable in my skin which made me think that if my skin wasn't perfect, my body had to be. 

“Fine I’ll eat a bit more but…. It has to be perfect.”

Developed Orthorexia, went vegan for a couple months until my family forced me to eat meat. Regardless, I stayed FAR away from sugar, pizza, and hamburgers as it was my biggest fear. 

Thought I was morally superior to others for having the “willpower” to stay away from “fattening” foods.

Started exercising, doing P90x in my bedroom with the door locked.

Left the house for college. First time living alone.

Got 3 gym memberships and started working out like crazzzzzyyy. 7+ hours a day. Cue the exercise addiction.

Spent my days daydreaming about food.

Went vegan and was obsessed with this way of eating-- AKA loading my plate with of veggies.

Started eating more food but something was still “wrong”-->still no period. Insomnia. IBS. anxiety. OCD.

Quasi recovery stand still. Better enough for people to get off my back about eating more but still very disordered and picky about food. 

F*** I still don’t have a period. What am I doing with my life?
I don’t want to live this way. I want friends. I want to feel healthy. I don’t want an eating disorder anymore.

Had my first omelette… then later that night had my first steak, in YEARS! 

Focused on nutritionally rehabilitating my body with nourishing ancestral traditional foods.

Stopped fearing food + learned to work with my body, not against it. 

Went “all in”, stopping all forms of exercise. 


Honor my hunger + love my appetite.

Menstruate every month.

High metabolism-- good digestion, deep sleep, mental clarity, high energy.

Living in my FLOW, following my passion, helping others get out of the diet culture rate race, nourish their bodies, get their period back, + love food. 

I have so much empathy for what you are going through and would love to help you move forward on your journey to better health, a happy mind, monthly menstrual cycles and a beautiful relationship with food. 

Started getting into cleanses + detoxes

Went raw vegan

Exercised everyday and fasted, starting to binge on food at night...and binge...and binge...and binge.

So I restricted and exercised MORE each day

Started to grow into my womanly body faster than many of my friends.

Thought that the way to “fit in” was to lose weight and look pretty like them (in hindsight all of us were gorgeous, including me).

Started skipping breakfast… then lunch… then dinner. Lost weight quickly.

Started compulsively walking EVERYWHERE.

Lost my period. Lost many friends. Lost my hair. Lost my sense of vivaciousness. Lost me. 

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