Leaving Veganism, Canceling Gym Membership + Getting Her Period Back

The best part of my life is getting to work with AMAZING women form around the world and witness their journey towards food freedom and a monthly menstrual cycle. I had a former client, Rae, on the podcast today to share her journey through navigating diet culture and finding out what works best for HER.

When Rae came to me she was a big activist for the vegan movement. She heavily identified with eating that way and thought that this was what was best for her health. After losing her period, falling into Orthorexia, and becoming obsessed with food she reached out to me to help her find balance once again.

If you are someone who is on the quest to eat the “cleanest” “purest” diet, obsessed with working out, and ruled by bad body image days then this podcast is for you. Rae was very vulnerable in sharing her story and gives a great insight into what recovery can look like.

We chatted about;

*The vegan ideology

*Telling vegan friends that you have started to eat meat

*How continuing to exercise can continue block you from getting fully recovered

*Dropping judgement of ones new body and gaining weight

*Seeing food through the lens of the feminine rather than the masculine

*How food brings women together in a sacred sisterhood

*How Rae got her period back after 2 months of coaching!

*Leaving dietary rules and honoring your bodies appetite

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