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Let Me Guess

Does any of this resonate with you?

You are an avid exerciser and feel restless all the time

You're period has been MIA for a while now

Your GYNO says the only way to get your period back is the pill

You count, track, and manipulate your calories

You're always dieting, cutting out food groups or limiting things

You are irritable when people mess up your meal time

You are thinking, "where the heck did my sex drive go!!??" 

You love to do fasted workouts

You can't get pregnant and start the family of your dreams

You are freezing cold all the time, even in summer

Your digestive system sucks, even just looking at water bloats you

You have trouble sleeping, waking up in the night to pee

Your mind is ALWAYS thinking about food

You are petrified of gaining weight

Your get a weird high off of restriction and live a life of deprivation

Did I get any of that right?

Everything changes when you are well nourished.

Everything changes when you don't fear food.

Everything changes when you have balanced hormones.

Everything changes when you exercise out of love for your body and not punishment.

Everything changes when you're not paranoid over if you are going to gain weight. 

The choice is yours, recover or stay stuck. Which one will you choose?

 This course gives you the tools, support, and guidance you need to successfully recover

Recovery offers you a freedom you can not even imagine. 

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I too got caught up in diet culture, constantly restricting my food intake and over-exercising cause I thought that it was "healthy"...

Cue the amenorrhea, metabolic shut down, and extreme anxiety around food. 

Aka no, all those things were not healthy. 

After 11 years of amenorrhea and destroying my mental and physical health I changed things around. I made the decision to recover and it's been the best decision of my life. 

I don't regret many things but not choosing to recover faster is something I definitely regret because being fully recovered has been one of the most beautiful things in my life. 

Hey I''m Chlo

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Not Having a Period is NOT Okay

Your period is your 5th vital sign, if it’s missing it means your body is in a state of distress and doesn't have the energy or resources to function properly. 
Being in energy debt leads to many unwanted symptoms. Aka not having a period is not the only thing that goes wrong-->digestive system shuts down, brain slows, sleep becomes impaired, hair falls, bone density decreases, etc.
Your menstrual health is connected to your fertility, if you are not ovulating you will not be able to conceive. Regardless of if you want children or not your fertility is important. 
Not having hormones keeps you living in a numbed state where emotions are dulled and life becomes less and less juicy. Hormones keep life interesting :)
Your risk for cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and heart disease increase when hormones are unbalanced.

And Birth Control is Not a Solution

No matter what you have been told you can get your period back naturally

*Barring any diagnosied medical condition like a pituitary tumour

 (very rare)

*Walk you through the steps of getting your period back!

*Free you from diet culture + it's dogmatic rules around food

*Give you the tools you need to lower anxiety around food 

*Connect you to your body so that you can live intuitively

*Make food fun, pleasurable, + nourishing 

*Strengthen your metabolism so that you FEEL good

*Teach you how to be confident and appreciate your body

*Help you understand when exercise is beneficial and when it's not

*Activate your flow so that you can live a life of passion, authenticity, + radical health

Ready to get your period back!?

This course is designed to 

The Modules

Visualizing Your Healthy Self

Nourishing Body + Food Freedom

Body Image, Weight Gain + Beauty

Journal Prompts

My Fav Nourishing Recipes

Meditations + Visualizations

Connecting to the Feminine 

Stress + Perfectionism


Periods + Amenorrhea

Metabolism +    Re-defining Health

Diet Culture

The Details

Each module has multiple lessons in it which dive into various topics within that main subject.

Each lesson is an hour long video with slides. The slides are downloadable for you to follow along and take notes!

The meditations and journal prompts are the tools that will help you accomplish the goals set in the modules and create a deeper connection to self. 

Sneak Peek into some of the Juicy Topics

*Extreme hunger

*Gaining weight in recovery/ edema

*Intuitive eating and how to choose what to eat

*Why calorie counting damages your relationship with food

*How to live in harmony with the different seasons of your menstrual cycle 

*What foods are important to focus on during recovery + for life post-recovery

*When exercise is too much + how to exercise during recovery

*Connecting the the feminine energy within to help heal

You Don't Need To Feel Alone

Join the Community

Each week there will  be a new food challenge put in the community dashboard for you to focus on that week!

If there's no challenge there will be no change. Challenging your self will help you create the change you want to see!

Food Challenges

Each week I do a live AMA for you to ask any questions you have in regards to recovery. If you are not able to attend the live session it will be recorded and put in the group. 

If you want your questioned answered yet can't attend the live you can submit questions before hand. 


Weekly AMA's

You can come eat with me on a live video chat! These group meals are here to make eating fun again and get you to feel less anxious about eating and more normal around it. 

This is also great if you need that commitment to make sure you eat a good meal. 

Come Eat With Me

Inspo From Me

The group is a lovely place for you to feel supported, heard, and understood by other women who are going through the same thing. 

This journey can feel lonely and hard when you feel like you are the only one on this path so take advantage of being able to converse with others who are working to get their period back and see food in a different light. 

Support From Others

I am very active in the community posting new thoughts that I don't post anywhere else, answering questions, sharing inspiration, and so much more!

Sneak Peak Into the Community

The Challenges

The Group Chat

The Live Chats

9 Modules (over 20 hours of video)

Meditations/visualizations (8+)

Journal Prompts (8+)

Recipe Ebook

Community support (getting to make friends with other sisters on this journey)

Weekly AMA's

Meal Support

A monthly menstrual cycle

Being able to eat without fear, anxiety or stress

Understanding of supportive foods that will nourish your body back to health

Ultimate food freedom

Strong + efficient metabolism

Deeper connection to your body 

Feeling grounded + balanced

Tapped into your feminine energy

A healthier relationship with exercise

Your life back

What You'll Get

The Results


$1200 or 4 payments of $300

Any questions? Please email

To join the course click the link below! Excited to have you!

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Can I Join at any time?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Do you have to have an eating disorder for this content to be relevant?

Is the course aligned with a certain diet?

Does my period have to be missing to join this course?

Do you offer refunds?

Is this course for someone who has an eating disorder

GYFO is a self-paced course so you decide when to start and when to finish. There is no timeline or rush.

No, rather in this course you will learn why dogmatic dietary rules are unsupportive for your health and wellbeing.  That said, you will learn how to find food freedom all while understanding good nutritional principles to focus on to ensure that you nourish your body with nutrient dense foods that will support your health.  

Because all the content is downloadable, once the course is purchased, it is yours for life!

This course is not intended to replace medical care but can be a great support along your journey of achieving full recovery.

Yes! Email to set up the details of your payment plan.

No not at all. So many women get caught up in disordered eating and diet culture and as a result end up with amenorrhea and a slow metabolism so this course will be a great way for them to get their period back and have a more balanced approach to food and exercise. 

Not necessarily! While getting your period back is a main focus of this course, the information provided will be a great resource to learn how to nourish your body, strengthen your metabolism, and have a happy relationship with food which consequently will be the things that help someone get their period back if it's lost. 

The Results

What people have said about working with me

Hey Chlo! Guess what!!??

Thank you thank you for helping me get here. I am 100% certain I would not have gotten it back if it weren't for us working with each other. You helped me change my perspective so much on food and my body and I can't believe I am saying this bu I am looking forward to my life not. A life with complete freedom. 

I can't believe it!!! I got my period!!!! Can't say thank you enough!

Coaching was 100000000% worth it! All I can do is lay on my bed with my hands over my belly and smile. I can't believe that I'm bleeding. 

Chloe.... I can't stop crying tears of joy right now. I went to the bathroom and saw blood!!! I am completely shook and beyond relieved. 

I know I was stubborn with so many things but I appreciate you calling out my BS and pushing me to really find FULL food freedom and not that fake freedom I was pretending to have.

Period #5! Wanted to check in and tell you that the cycles are going strong! Niko and I are going to try for a baby next month!!!

 I am feeling really at peace with it cause I know my body is healthy and strong enough for pregnancy now. I wasn't at that place a year ago but coaching with you changed EVERYTHING. 

-Sam M.

-Tammy T.

-Natalie T.

-Caroline D.

-Claire Y.

-Lola R.

I didn't want to admit that my "healthy" lifestyle was impacting my health negatively but you clearly showed me how eating restrictively was draining my health, not improving it.

It's such a mindset shift to view food as GOOD and not BAD or something that needs to be controlled. This freedom I have now with food is such a game changer in my life. I can actually just live and not have to obsess over food anymore. 

Got my period last night :) What you said a couple sessions ago, about me emotionally restricting was spot on.  I needed to stop embrace food fully and stop holding back. 

I just want to thank you for all the content you put out there for us. I can honestly say that I’ve listened to every single one of your podcasts and you have been the leading force in my recovery. I just really want to express my gratitude and explain the dark hole that you have helped to pull me out of. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve changed my life. Unless you’ve been in that place (like us) it’s impossible to understand how much of a hold eating disorders take of your entire life. I was stagnant for 10 years before I found you, and the information you gave out. It’s 6 months since then, and I’ve recovered my period, and I’m maintaining a healthy weight on so much delicious and nourishing food. Best of all, I’m learning to lean into pleasure, and be spontaneous, and allow myself to actually do the things I WANT to do, not what I feel like I HAVE to. do.

-Erin B.

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I've been working with Chlo for 10 months now and I can honestly say I'm in the best place I've been in for years. I've suffered from HA for 11 years, with the last few stuck in quasi recovery but with Chlo's support I'm finally breaking through and I feel that I'm now at the beginning of the end. 

My background as an elite athlete (middle and long distance running) meant my HA has stemmed from overtraining and restrictive eating. Although never officially diagnosed with any eating disorder, I would say I definitely had an orthorexic mindset. As a result, my main challenges in recovery have been around letting go of my athlete identity and need to exercise, as well as specific rules around food. Since working with Chlo she has really helped me overcome these. 

Through our weekly sessions we've dived deep into many topics. She has challenged me to face my fears and change my mindset around food and exercise. Over the last few months I've been able to reduce my exercise (I've now reached a place where I've been comfortable eliminating running altogether) and consume, what were foods I'd avoid, on a regular basis (e.g. full cream milk and butter!) I've been able to restore more weight in the last few months than I had done in years, I feel more grounded and have better relationships.

Before working with Chlo I'd seen a few practitioners including doctors and dietitians but nothing really worked and I always had the feeling that they didn't fully understand my story. Chlo has been amazing and I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without her support. 

If anyone else out there has felt the same then I'd highly recommend Chlo! As well as being super knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject matter, she's always professional, caring and just a genuinely lovely person.


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