Ex-Vegan Blog Goes Viral

Open up your Instagram and you’ll most likely see many young girls, living in Hawaii, eating açaí bowls, making “what I eat in the day videos”, and filming HIT workouts. This create an unrealistic view of the vegan diet, making it seem like EVERYONE can and does thrive on a vegan diet. This is not the case though as our lovely guest Jana Dziak shares with us today.

Jana was once vegan as she was told it would heal her of all her ailments. What happened though was it depleted her so much so that she was practically forced to leave veganism. Once she did her life changed as she rehabilitated her health through eating a nutrient dense traditional animal based diet.

Jana runs the blog The Peasant’s Daughter which focuses on teaching people how to make traditional foods and how to make raw milk cheese. She currently is raising her child in an 1856 farmhouse on a 3-acre hobby farm. She and her husband are currently making plans for an edible permaculture food forest, keeping heritage chickens, and a small flock of Icelandic sheep and goats. She is an avid gardener, forager, angler, and recently — a hunter. 

She is really getting back to her roots and contenting to educate others on how to do so for themselves. We chatted about a lot of stuff today but here’s a rough overview;

*The illusion of veganism being the perfect diet for all

*The honeymoon affect of veganism

*Eating a balanced vegan diet and still feeling depleted

*Feeling likes its YOU who’s doing something wrong when the vegan diet fails you

*Hair thinning, losing too much weight, skin grey, hallow eyes, dark circles, jowls, and feeling old

*Spending hundreds of dollars a month on supplements… and still not feeling good

*Tapping back into our primal nature

This podcast is a GEM if you are coming from a vegan background. I highly recommend following Jana

 @thepeasantsdaughter on IG and read her very detailed blog post on her journey out of veganism






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