Bye Bye Sex Drive

Viagra is a 500 million dollar company that pretty much bottles up better sex for men. Well, what if I told you that I have the PERFECT ingredient list for the ultimate sex drive killer for women?? Interested? I could bottle it up and sell it to you for 49.95!

 I’m envisioning my bank account growing right now! Except, oh wait there’s one problem… who would want to buy something that is designed to eradicate their sex drive?

Well, back to the drawing board for me as far as business plans, but I’ll tell you what, since I ain’t gonna patten this ingredient list anytime soon I’m gonna tell you what my main ingredients are!

The top ingredients to lower your sex drive:

#1: Eat a low-calorie diet– I want to make this as simple as possible so that you understand this clearly.  

Food = Energy

Sex= Energy Intensive Activity

No Food= No Energy

No Energy=No Desire for Sex

If you don’t have enough energy your body will not want to undergo a rigorous energy-expensive activity as it’s simply not cost-efficient for it to do so, no matter how much you want it. 

The next reason is due to biology. Biologically speaking sex is all about reproduction. If your body is in an energy debt and is not getting the nutrition and calories it needs each day to perform its daily functions, it will shut off your hormones so that you don’t get pregnant as pregnancy has to be one of the most energy-intensive things that a woman can go through. A pregnancy takes about 50,000 calories above normal metabolic requirements for those 9 months and breastfeeding expends about upto 1,000 calories a day. How on earth are you going to support that on a diet filled with salads, zucchini pasta, and watermelon. 

I know that in western society we have become obsessed with juice fasts, cleanses, appetite suppressants, diet pills, and eating less than a two-year-old, but it’s time to go against the status quo and nourish ourselves as starvation is not a badge of honor.  

I have had many women come to me utterly perplexed that their sex drive is gone after slashing their calories and eating a bag of celery sticks for lunch as they were promised BETTER health for going on a diet. (hmmm blog post to come on this). After working with me they have a better understanding of why this way of eating can wreak havoc on the thyroid and suppress one’s metabolism.

Sadly, many women don’t even notice their sex drive is trashed cause they’re spending all their waking moments tracking their food intake in My Fitness Pal and figuring out how tomorrow they can burn off the piece of toast they had for breakfast. This leads me to the next sex drive killer…

#2: Exercising 7 days a week– 

When you think of stressors you have in your life your mind starts thinking of the IRS, your BF leaving his socks on the floor, or getting a B on your chemistry hw. All valid things to be stressed about but there may be one more stressor you need to add to your list–exercise. Yes, exercise is a stressor even if it mentally helps you relieve stress. (Confusing I know!)

As you exercise your body produces cortisol which is a stress hormone. When cortisol levels are high metabolism and sex hormones are low. Now, a healthy body can handle the stress induced by exercise and it can make you stronger but when you are over-exercising and over-training your body becomes depleted and your mojo just doesn’t seem as frisky.  

Peter Sönksen, visiting professor of endocrinology at the University of Southampton and member of the Society for Endocrinology said, 

 ‘When women exercise to an extreme or endurance level, hypopituitarism (an under-function of the pituitary gland) can develop, leading to low levels of testosterone and oestrogen,” 

Ontop of sex hormones being low and cortisol being high many athletes run into issues in the bedroom because they have a tight pelvic floor thus making penetration very difficult or downright painful. 

Now you don’t have to be a professional athlete to run into these issues. Amateur athletes and gym junkies alike are just as susceptible to the negative symptoms of overtraining. 

So if you don’t want a sex drive make sure you ramp up your exercise routine, include lots of cardio and HIT workouts and you will be all set. 

#3: Cut out all animal products and adopt a vegan diet

While there are many diets out there that are not supportive for metabolic health and therefore your sex drive– like going keto and cutting all carbs- I want to specifically address veganism and the potential role it plays in your lowering sex drive.

Nutrition plays a role in one’s fertility and fertility has an impact on one’s sex drive.

If we look back at any traditional cultures from all over the world we see that they saw foods like eggs, cream, butter, meat, organ meats, seafood, and sacred fertility foods and given in high amounts to women trying to conceive. They understood the importance of these foods for the development of the baby and restoring the moms’ nutritional stores which get depleted heavily during pregnancy. Notice what these foods are– eggs, cream. Meat– all animal-based foods void in a vegan diet. 

These sacred fertility foods are some of the most nutrient-dense bioavailable foods we have that provide our body with many essential nutrients like B12, Vitamin A (retinol), Heme-iron, zinc, creatine, Carnosine, cholesterol, saturated fat, etc. What does bioavailability mean? Low Bioavailability means you can’t extract the nutrients you need from certain food and high bioavailability would mean that you can easily use and absorb the nutrients found in that food. Ex: Kale contains calcium but it also contains oxalic acid which blocks us from being able to utilize the calcium so kale would be a food that has low bioavailability of nutrients. 

If you are not getting the key nutrients your body will go into a low metabolic state where sex drive will suffer along with vaginal lubrication and cervical mucous making sex painful. 

“Women between the ages of 18 and 30 who reported abiding by vegetarian diets were 36% more likely to experience regular vaginal and vulvar discomfort as a result of vaginal dryness than their omnivorous counterparts in the same age group (strictly vegan women experienced vaginal dryness at a statistically similar rate – 37% more so than female omnivores in the same age category).”

If a diet makes you lose your sex drive, a huge indicator of metabolic health, then even though your acne has cleared and you’ve lost weight this diet is not fully supportive for your wellbeing. 

The more nourished you are, the more energy your body has to put towards reproduction. This is why I believe so much in the importance of animal foods in one’s diet because they are replete with nutrition that vegans are missing out on. !

#4: Only think you’re worthy of love if you have a certain type of body

So many women put pressure on themselves to look and be perfect which blocks them from being able to open up and truly connect with someone else. It’s sad to see our society at this point where these unrealistic beauty standards we have created are making people feel self-conscious about their body. No matter what size shape, or color your body is, YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY AND DESERVE TO FEEL LOVE.

The thought of “I’m not good enough” is a libido killer because pleasure in sex comes from letting go, being vulnerable, and opening up which is hard to do when you are thinking about your stomach rolls. 

This type of thinking can lead to the unhealthy behaviors above to “get more love”. This is what can start the crazy exercise regimes and low-calorie diets. The thing is that by slashing calories and dropping to a low body weight you are decreasing your sex drive as body fat is essential for hormonal health. 

There you go, my 100% satisfaction guaranteed sex drive killer supplement list! Maybe you have some of these ingredients at home and have been mixing up your own concoction of this.  

Unfortunately, you are not alone as I have personally met with and worked with so many women who struggle with low sex drive for the very reasons above. And while it’s easy to just think that the Chastity Gods have come down upon you and cursed you with a low sex drive, there’s a reason why your sex drive has gone down the toilet. Like most things, it’s not random or happens chance rather due to the lifestyle choices that you are making. 

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