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If you are asking this question then I can pretty much guarantee that you are someone who could really benefit from completely stopping exercise for a time.  If your response to this is, “NOOOOOOOOO NEEEEVVVEEERRRR” then I am definitely going to go ahead and say that you probably should really stop exercising for a time.  […]

Viagra is a 500 million dollar company that pretty much bottles up better sex for men. Well, what if I told you that I have the PERFECT ingredient list for the ultimate sex drive killer for women?? Interested? I could bottle it up and sell it to you for 49.95!  I’m envisioning my bank account […]

I used to think that metabolism was all about weight. If you have a fast metabolism you’re small, and a slow metabolism you’re big. Seems simple right? Well, while metabolism does play a role to a certain extent in one’s body size it is so much more than that! Metabolism is essentially how fast or […]

A missing period is not something to be overlooked or brushed aside, rather seen as a serious warning flag from your body that something is not right. From puberty to menopause your body is designed to reproduce. Whether you want kids or not, this is the state your body will function most optimally at. Going […]