Blind to the Depletion of the Vegan Diet after 11 Years of Eating that Way

Vegansim is touted as this all amazing “healthy” diet that everyone and their aunt should be on… but is this true? Does a vegan diet promote wild energetic healthy for everyone who chooses to sip on almond milk or is this a false narrative being perpetuated by diet culture?

One of the things that really pushed me to admit to myself that my vegan diet was deteriorating my health was listening to others experiences with veganism and the not so pretty side of their experience. I was in shock to find out that I wasn’t the only 20 year old dealing with teeth issues, severe brain fog, digestive problems, and anxiety rather there were thousands of people just like me experiencing the same thing while on a vegan diet.

So I brought on Juliette Autumn, former raw vegan and fruitarian, to share her ex-vegan story.

To all of you who are vegan right now I really admonish you to take a listen, even if it doesn’t change your mind its crucially important that you understand the risks associated with choosing a vegan diet… don’t just bat your eyes at anyone who says negative things about it. Understand the risks so that you can make well informed decision in regards to your health.





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