The Institute for the Psychology of Eating transformed my relationship with food and gave me a fulfilling my career to help others find food freedom 

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Mind Body Eating 

This revolutionary approach to health puts an end to the quest of dietary perfection and instead understands the dynamic connection between thoughts, feelings, mind, body, and metabolism,. 

is the world's most advanced movement in health and nutrition coaching as it looks at not just WHAT you eat but WHO you are as an eater. 

At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating you will learn that one’s nutritional needs extend far beyond B12, vitamin A, and protein, and into the realm of Vitamin P-pleasure, Vitamin T-time, Vitamin C-curiosity. 

Only at the institute will you find this cutting edge approach to wellness which will make you stand out in the field of nutrition and health coaching. 

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Here is what we’ll cover:

*Why the current approach to our problems with food, body and health don’t work, and the powerful NEW strategies you can use to help yourself and others break free

*The keys to being a successful health coach and how to make a great living while truly helping others in a meaningful way

*Real stories from people who healed their relationship with food and used their own transformation to launch a thriving career serving others

*How you can be part of this powerful new movement that’s revolutionizing nutrition

*And a special opportunity you won’t want to miss!




“Becoming a Mind Body Coach will give you the tools to go deep with your clients and help them uncover what their journey of food and body can teach them so that they can evolve and grow on a soul level.”

What does a 

mind body coach do?

Works 1:1 with clients, teaches group classes, or creates an online courses

Uses a cutting edge approach to food and body challenges that no other coach knows

Guides people on their path to wholeness by addressing the spiritual component to their food and body issues 

Unveils the root causes of many common eating issues

Empowers clients to transform their thoughts towards movement

Helps improve peoples relationship with nourishment

Goes BEYOND telling clients how to eat and dives into why people have food issues in the first place to get to  the heart of their challenges

Takes an in-depth approach to heal the most common nutrition-linked health concerns like digestive issues, fatigue, immune challenges and mood concerns.

And that's just the surface level of the things you'll do 

What's the Training?

A convenient distance online learning certification course

completed in 8 months and will dive deep into dynamic eating psychology and mind body nutrition

which will result a career where you can help people from around the world find food freedom!


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