Awakening Your Feminine to Heal the Root Cause

It’s not about the food. This is something I knew for quite some time. Controlling food was the way I was dealt with my insecurities, lack of self worth, distrust in the Universe, perfectionistic tendencies, and disconnect from my femininity. This is why I like to go DEEP with my clients, really getting to the ROOT CAUSE of what’s truly going on and talking about things that don’t involve food.

I was so excited to have Julianne Vaccaro on the Podcast as she has had a very similar experience to I in regards to her relationship with food, body, and exercise. A former bikini body competitor and health food fanatic, she turned her life around by tuning WITHIN, healing her deep sexual wounds, and connection to her intuition.

Trained as a Somatic Sexologist she is now helping women create freedom in their body to play big and expand their capacity to receive more. She asks the BIG questions, helping women create true freedom in their body.

Julianne and I chatted about various things, here’s a quick preview;

*Julianne ‘prep’ diet for her competitions and how she quickly lost control over food

*Uncovering the subconscious pattern that was leading to unhealthy behaviors

*Attempting to get a “fit” body but having it be out of a place of hate and insequirites

*Our sexuality is connected to our power, life force, money, worthiness, and receptivity which is our feminine energy

*Going from trying to work ON her body to working WITH her body

*How we can connect back to our power

*Her journey working with a sexologist and how quick of a transformation ensued after that period of time

*The difference between masculine and feminine energy

*The beautiful unfolding of connecting with her feminine energy to come back to a place of balance

You can read Juliannes blog about her story here.

Getting support during this journey is extremely beneficial and healing. If you are struggling with food and body please fill out the application for coaching.





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