Scared of Gaining Weight? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hello! Let me guess something about you… you’re afraid of gaining weight? Did I get that right??

It’s okay you are not alone. I would say nearly everyone dealing with disordered eating, quasi recovery, and exercise addiction is afraid of their body size and shape changing.

Gaining weight though is a crucial part of the healing process and something that simply just needs to happen. So is it all doom and gloom? Is gaining weight really as scary as you think?

After restoring my weight during my recovery journey I have changed my perspective on weight gain and have seen it in a different light. Listen below to find out my top benefits to gaining weight.

Still afraid? That’s okay, I get it. It honestly is one of those things that you have to go through yourself to have this change of heart. As mentioned above I was deathly afraid of weight gain until I gained weight. I know it sucks but it’s really not as scary as you think it to be right now.

Gaining health is 100% worth any # on the scale.

Need help with this process? That’s why I created the Get Your Flow On Course. Soon to be released, this course will take you step by step through thse process of recovery so that you can feel educated, inspired, and armed with everything you need to become your healthiest self 💕





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