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My mission is to help you FULLY recover from years of over-exercising, under-eating, + dieting, so that you too can experience the freedom + health that comes with recovery. 

I went on a wild journey of healing, learning to work WITH my body instead of against it and boy was it worth it.

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With no period for 11 years, crippling digestive issues, insomnia, crippling food anxiety, rapid hair loss, and brittle bones I had to finally admit that what I was doing was not healthy and simply a continuation of the various eating disorders I had when younger. 

And yet my health was failing

Here I am now, a fully menstruating, food lovin’, happy woman living in her flow. 

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I'm Chloe Catherine

I, like YOU, thought that the answer to health was another juice fast, detox, or high intensity workout program. I spent years doing all the "right" things--> went vegan, joined 3 gyms, fasted till noon, ate copious amounts of vegetables, and stayed FAR away from sugar, gluten, and dairy...

This signature course is designed to help you restore menses, improve your metabolism, +  transform your relationship with food.

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No birth control, celery juice, or sprouted broccoli needed. 

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Why I’m No Longer Vegan

How I Got My Period Back After 11 Years Amenorrhea





Benefits of Weight Gain in ED Recovery




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Get the inspiration and tools needed to go from quasi recovery to fully recovered. This podcast dives into all things ED recovery; exercise addiction, how to get your period back, digestive distress, mental hunger, body image, energy debt, how to boost your metabolism, and more!

-Alexandra Babaka

-Genna Simpkins

 Within 4 months, Chlo helped me get back my period, heal ALL of my symptoms, and built back my confidence.

 Chlo is both so supportive and knowledgeable, taking a very holistic and personalized approach to healing. I can’t thank Chlo enough for all she guided me through and taught me. I can confidently say I am finally free from my ED! The first step is the hardest, but I promise you IT IS SO WORTH IT. 

"Gynecologists told me I could never get my period back naturally and that I should just go on Birth Control which I was hesitant to do.

I am glad I found Chlo and learned about WHY my period was gone and HOW to get it back. Hint: it's not a LACK of BC!  Just 4 months of coaching and my period came back! I am SO grateful for the things I have learned from Chlo!  


To say that this experience was life-changing simply would not be giving Chloe enough credit. Chloe grounds her support in the setbacks and successes of her own journey, creating an unmatched level of trust and connection with her clients that is so incredibly valuable. I am forever grateful for what Chloe has given me!"

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